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A comprehensive list of Durch founders who successfully raised capital in the Netherlands. Discover, learn & get inspired by their stories and insights in this report.

Startup Report Netherlands - by Florian Kandler

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Startup Report gives the most complete and comprehensive list of startup funding rounds in 2016 in the Netherlands. It celebrates the funding successes: the founders, the startups, and their investors. The founders of the successful startups share stories and insights in a Q&A. Don’t miss it!


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31% Aspiring Founders
27% First-Time Founders
6% Experienced Founders
15% Corporates
11% Startup Mentors
7% Investors
3% Journalists


Hi, I’m Florian Kandler. I’m a three-time founder from Vienna, who’s companies have raised over €3 million of funding. You might know me as the official Pitch Coach of  a popular Startup-TV-Show, the host of the Startup Milestones Podcast, the author of the “Business Angels Devils” book, or from teaching about pitching and fundraising at various Accelerators in Europe. 

I know from my own startups how tough it is to raise capital. And how great it feels, when you close a round of funding and take your startup to the next level of growth.

Startup Report is one of my passion projects in 2016, and is part of my platform that aims to help European founders build fundable businesses.

I want to inspire founders, show them that “it can be done here” (= the funding list in the report)! Show local role models (= the founders in the report). And, very importantly, invite the successful founders to share their fundraising tips and insights with the community (the Q&A in the report).

I hope you will enjoy reading Startup Report, get inspired, and learn from the successful founders.

Sincerely yours,

Florian Kandler
– Keep up that startup spirit!

PS: Feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn.

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